10-21 October 2018
Accessible Film Festival, Istanbul & Ankara,Turkey

11 May 2018
Reel Abilities, Portland, USA

25 March 2018
BFI Flare, London, UK

24 February 2018
Abilities Expo, Los Angeles, USA

9 December 2017
Festi’Life, Marseille, France

12 November 2017
The Extraordinary Film Festival, Namur, Belgium

21 October 2017
Syracuse International Film Festival, Syracuse, USA

23 September 2017
La Casa Encendida de fundacion montemadrid, Madrid, Spain

4-9 April 2017
Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival, Dresden, Germany

11-14 November 2016
International Film Festival “Breaking Down Barriers VIII”, Moscow, Russia

4-7 November 2016
Persons with Disabilities Film Festival, Seoul, Republic of Korea

22-23 October 2016
Superfest International Disability Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

22-25 September 2016
look & roll festival, Basel, Switzerland
Jury Special Mention
Festival Director’s Special Award

14 September 2016
La Rioja es de Cine, Rioja, Spain

15-19 June 2016
Tlanchana Fest, Festival de Cine y Arte Digital, Mexico seleccion

27-30 April 2016
Corti da Sogni XVII Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi, Ravenna, Italy


22-26 April 2016
Busan International Short Film Festival, Republic of Korea


18 March 2016
Picture this… film festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

12 March 2016
Haida Gwaii Film Festival, Canada

2-5 March 2016
FICAE – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades, Valencia, Spain


22 February 2016
Gather Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

12 December 2015
Together 2015! Disability Film Festival London
, UK

21 November 2015
Festival del Cortometraggio ’O Curt, Italy

17 November 2015
All Lights India International Film Festival

ALIIFF Official Selection Laurel (1)

7 & 11 November 2015
Phnom Penh International Film Festival, Cambodia

Phnom Penh International Film Festival Logo

18 October 2015
Montecatini International Film Festival, Montecatini, Italy

Montecatini International Film Festival Logo

17 October 2015
Buffalo International Film Festival, Buffalo, New York

Buffalo International Film Festival logo

24-27 September 2015
Seize the day with me film festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

8 July 2015
Tenerife International Film Festival
Tenerife International Film Festival Logo

2-6 July 2015
Mykonos Biennale, Greece
Golden Pelican Award

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