Comments from Alex Locust, one of the Superfest judges, in an article about the festival:

“I will say that “Awake” effortlessly accomplishes every criteria we were screening for during judging. I was enamored with how many elements of the characters disabilities were highlighted in such a short film and in a delicate way that wasn’t forceful or blunt. The film showcases their skills as independent, blind women in such a finessed way that it both is subtle and unspoken while simultaneously being the focus of the narrative. The characters are engaging, charming, and complex; the acting is high caliber; it features disabled actors in disabled roles; and best of all the film left me feeling the warm and fuzzies without being too cloyingly sweet. It plants a seed to reflect on and is the kind of short film I would love people to cite as high quality work done by and for people with disabilities.”

Celebrating Disability Culture – Interview with Superfest 2016 Judges