Michael Achtman (Writer/Director)
Originally from Canada and now living in the UK, Michael Achtman holds an A.B. from Harvard University and graduated from the Acting Programme at Ryerson University. As writer, director and performer, his work spans theatre, film, video and live art. He frequently collaborates with Deaf and disabled artists, and his 25-minute short, Welcome Stop, screened at the Moscow International Disability Film Festival and Picture this… film festival in Calgary. He is an associate artist at filmpro, a London-based digital arts agency.

Çağlar Kimyoncu (Producer)
Çağlar Kimyoncu is an artist and curator, and the founding director of filmpro, an agency for disabled and excluded artists. His practice has always been focused around still and moving images, and after years of supporting and collaborating with others, Çağlar returned to moving images, directing his first film imc, which presents the mirror-image experiences of two hospital in-patients trying to retain their privacy and identities, in the impersonality of an institutional setting. Çağlar has continued to make films developing his improvisatory approach as for imc, first in COnscription (a multi-screen installation, Old Truman Brewery, 2013 and a single-screen film) about would-be conscripts who don’t fit the mould in Turkey and in Objection:Israel,a film which resulted from a research and development residency at the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon. Çağlar continues to run filmpro, supporting a number of closely and loosely involved artists. He collaborates regularly with other visual artists and filmmakers. As a curator, he programmes film festivals both nationally and internationally. Çağlar was the Artistic Director of the London Disability Film Festival from 1999 to 2006.

Alex Bulmer (“Anna”)
Alex Bulmer is the writer and narrator of the critically acclaimed acoustic installation Life Unseen. She is a New York Radio Award nominee, Society of Canadian Musicians award recipient, writer of two award winning short films,and writer of the stage play Smudge, which earned two Best New Play nominations in Canada, and was Time Out’s Critics Choice during its UK premiere.  Now living in the UK, Alex has written for The Royal Court, London 2012 Olympics, Graeae , BBC radio; winning an AMI award for her adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Channel 4 series Cast Offs (nominated for BAFTA and Royal Television Society Award), and Face Front.
As a performer, Alex has worked with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Toronto), at the Royal Shakespeare Company development workshop of A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Simon Startin, and as the Choir Leader in touring show, The Book of Judith.
She has worked as Literary Manager with Graeae, directed with Extant Theatre, Paines Plough, and is co-founder and artistic director of Invisible Flash, a new company dedicated to telling great stories, simply told, enhanced for a non sighted audience.  She is currently writer in residence with Theatre Centre UK, and is developing a travel book as a Winston Churchill Fellow.

Margo Cargill (“Doreen”)
Margo’s recent television credits include Birds of a Feather, Holby City and White Man Van.

Juan Soto (Director of Photography)
After graduating from the three-year regular course of Documentary Filmmaking at the International Film and Television School (EICTV) in Cuba, Juan Soto moved to London where he works as a freelance film editor and AV Technician in art projects of multidisciplinary natures. In 2013 he was selected to take part of the Abbas Kiarostami Fim Seminar at IBAFF International Film Festival. Soto has worked with filmmakers such as Colombian Rubén Mendoza (Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Cinefoundation), award-winning British documentarian Michael Chanan and Turkish multimedia artist Çağlar Kimyoncu among others.

Zeynep Dağlı (Director of Photography)
Zeynep Dağlı is a London-based visual artist and film-maker with an interest in the negotiations and meditations of internal/external struggles and traumatic experiences. After completing her practice-based PhD titled: The Eyes of Death: Visual Movement from Witness to Spectator, with four short experimental films, she continues to research, and produce art works which have been exhibited and projected internationally and in the UK. She has also been involved in an exciting array of projects collaborating with disabled artists, performers, scriptwriters, musicians and sound designers, creating film/digital/visual work for a wide range of audiences. Her artistic practice is nourished by research, experimentation and unobtrusive approaches.

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